I started this blog in October 2016 so that I would stop texting multi-part screeds to my long-suffering friends in the dead of night.  Nobody is prepared for that before their morning coffee, and now all of us are much happier.

I’m the cosmopolitan internationalist polyglot elite the populists warned you about.  I was born inside the Beltway, I live inside the Beltway, and, inshallah, I’ll die inside the Beltway.  When not howling into the void, I may be found roaming the District with a lantern looking for an honest think-tanker.

Areas of interest include democracy, horrible dictators, Latin classics, OSINT investigation, the US constitution, counterterrorism, political philosophy, infosec, and arms control.  Peeves include but are not limited to pointless wars in the Middle East, surveillance capitalism, whataboutism, the Political Compass test, censors, borders, tyrants, tribalism, Russian active measures, Noam Chomsky, anarchists, and brunch.

Regular updates not guaranteed.  Opinions subject to change without warning.  Void where prohibited.