June 2017: The Library of Alinksandria

Yet another troubling survey, this time on Americans’ views on the proper role of the media.

Tor Ekeland on oversentencing of hackers.

“Cyber operations coerce by imposing costs and destabilizing an opponent’s leadership. As costs grow and destabilization spreads, backing down eventually becomes less painful than standing tall, causing the adversary to comply with the coercer’s demands.”

In our latest installment of Don’t Piss Off The Nerds, the Turkish thugs who attacked protesters outside the DC embassy got the shit OSINTed out of them.

In hindsight suppressing that 2009 DHS report on violent rightist extremism was probably not the greatest idea.

Shadi Hamid on how Egypt could have gone differently and how to get democracy to stick more broadly.  He doesn’t address whether or not democracy can survive absent liberalism, and in the last paragraph there’s a very interesting potential rabbit hole about the consent of the governed.

No, Alan, the president does not have unilateral authority over the people investigating him and his top aides.

Much of the discussion surrounding the not-actually-very-illuminating leak on compromised voter systems revolves around whether or not the KGB achieved lateral motion and was able to compromise provisioning infrastructure.  Even if they didn’t, they succeeded, because we’re worrying about it.

There’s an unlikely alliance between anarchists in Exarchia and the Donbass separatists.  Idiot leftists continue to confuse Putin’s territorial revanchism for anti-imperialism, just because the US isn’t a fan of it.  Don’t be that guy.

Go listen to a very old Greek Marian hymn (but stay out of the comments if you value your sanity).

“… realist liberalism is the kind of liberalism that, perhaps surprisingly, most closely reflects the ethos of the modern novel: its astonishment at the extent of our incommunicable subjectivity, its conviction that each psyche contains (to quote the character from Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead) “a little civilization.” Diverse by nature, we come to be ever more diverse as a result of social and political development. The further we are from violent anarchy, the less we resemble one another in our zeal for mere survival. My aspirations will not excite you; my vision for society will not motivate you; the justifications for government policy that convince me will not convince you.  Liberal institutions do not deny or seek to alter this state of normative fragmentation but, on the contrary, work with it and tend to celebrate it.”

Jack Goldsmith’s piece from February on il Douche’s tweets and the immigration EO bears re-reading now that the case is inching closer to SCOTUS.  In practice I think his predictions will hold, but I don’t believe it’s been thought through beforehand like he speculates.

A case study in watchman-watching: wardriving for IMSI catchers.

Bret Stephens should have written this last summer.

A growing number of Android apps have a charming habit of listening for ultrasonic beacons in sound produced by other devices.  Identifying the Big Brotherish potential in this kind of thing is left as an exercise to the reader.

This story in the New York Times about a Russian assassin in Kiev posing as a journalist is pretty wild.  I’m inclined to wonder what his exit strategy was going to be.

The Doubleswitch phishing attack has been used extensively against journalists and activists in Venezuela and elsewhere, both to cut off comms and to run info ops against the opposition off already-trusted accounts.  It’s probably coming here sooner or later.  Keep an eye on that story about all those DoD-linked Twitter accounts that got owned by bears.

Krauthammer on Article V.  Not all deterrence is MAD.

The Opsec Fail of the Month award goes to everyone involved in the Reality Winner leak.  This fills the blogger with acute second-hand embarrassment.  Honorable mention to Mike Flynn.

Batman’s the worst.


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