January 2017: URLy To Bed, URLy To Rise

(I forgot to publish this in January as well, which is apparently what happens when you end up spending two weeks free time demonstrating)

The Beeb’s predictions for 2017.  Personally I’m holding out for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to move the clock (they did, after I listed this).

The Baffler on the difference between trying to eat sustainably and being a foodie, plus the quality class warfare one expects from the Baffler.  (And good god, dumb hipster sons of bitches who feel the need to eat venison need to stop buying that ridiculous bourgeois farm-raised nonsense and pick up a goddamn gun and shoot a goddamn deer like an American.  The little bastards are so overpopulated they’re destroying woodlands.  You’ll either think it’s fun or swear off meat forever, so it’s a win-win.)

The DPRK’s proprietary tablet is bananas.

Bibi Netanyahu never was interested in the two-state option, because, as everyone knows, suppressing your neighbor by land-grab and occupation is the best way of ensuring security for you and your descendants.

Google Translate’s machine learning is getting a little spooky.

It’s safe to assume il Douche is going to try as much of a press crackdown as the Constitution can be stretched to allow, and Obama has obligingly laid a lot of the groundwork for him.

Regarding cultural appropriation, Nazis, and the uncomfortable discourse intersection between post-colonialists and Nazis.

Millennials don’t hear the ticking.  I’ve had exactly one conversation with other millennials who were equally afraid of nuclear war, in a coffee shop in Ramallah around the time the Iran deal was going through.  That’s it.  Ever.

The human race continues to fail spectacularly at the most basic opsec.

“The Putin government has made a clever calculation: a few newspapers, with tiny élite audiences, can publish highly critical investigations and editorials as long as that reporting and criticism stays absolutely disconnected from television.”

Tom Pepinsky with an IR reading list.


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