November 2016: Loose Lips Link Ships

Marginal Revolution has some intriguing predictions about the future of macroeconomic discourse under his Orangeness.

Everyone’s already seen the Masha Gessen piece about autocracy, but here it is anyway.

The slippery slope fallacy is a fallacy, but now that we’re forced to consider the possibility of registering our nation’s Muslim population, perhaps we should take the time to think about how we all got so used to lists in the first place.

Enjoy this statistics paper that cites the Babylonian Talmud.

We all read Laurie Penny’s surreal and hilarious piece on Milo’s RNC party back in July, but it seems worth revisiting now that a significant chunk of the nation is collectively trying to pretend that Steve Bannon is a normal right-wing newspaperman who doesn’t actively cultivate fascists and other weirdos (TW: “fire in a crowded theatre” reference).  I would also like to suggest that the difference between a white nationalist and someone who exploits white nationalism for his own gain is academic at best.

This is in fact what the Electoral College is for, but a successful pulling of the Federalist 68 lever might well be more trouble than these two have bargained for.

Listen I don’t like any of this either but I swear to God if I have to see 1 September 1939 one more time I am going to leap into the Anacostia.  The Envoy of Mr Cogito is better anyway, even apart from the Godwin issue.

The Franz Ferdinand track was my favorite.

American life is apparently not, as we so often hear, more transient than ever before.  In fact the reverse is true: Americans today move far less than they did historically.  I would be interested to see a comparison of this move data with Big Sort data.  The opposition of the trend lines seems on its face to suggest that population mobility cannot be the primary cause of the Big Sort after all.  More detailed analysis might well end up showing that those who disagree politically with their neighbors are more likely to move, but that doesn’t seem sufficient on its own to account for it.

Good God.

Fukayama walks it back (the populist-nationalist international doesn’t really lend itself to a snappy portmanteau like Comintern, alas).

Happy Thanksgiving, losers.


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